We Strive to Be Surrounded with the Best Employees

As we are fully aware that no results can be achieved overnight, we aim to work with our employees in the long-run.

We believe the essence of our company are its values. The values we stand by and share are:

Responsibility – We are proud to be able to achieve our goals through triple bottom line with taking care of our partners, employees and the environment. All our employees are considerate in their actions and their performance.

Continuous Improvement – improving our service is the passion that has been with us since the start. By understanding our clients’ needs, we have gathered a talented team of inventors and technicians always on the lookout for possible new ways of technical improvements and creating a better user experience.

Integrity – we hold dear the prospects of ethical, fair and transparent business with all of our partners. Through the years, our dedicated team has gained the trust of over 2,500 businesses, among which are state institutions and organizations, a feat we pride ourselves on, and a reminder to stay the course. The journey is made easier by loving what we do and truly believing in our service, knowing fully that good communication between departments, high team spirit and even higher expectations are the key to success.

Customer orientation – we are always orientated towards the needs of our customers.

The set-up of rented printers, their maintenance and troubleshooting are all done non-obtrusively to the office environment, keeping productivity high. Our team is flexible and adapts to the schedules of our clients, not the other way around.

It is of the utmost importance to us, that our customers are pleased with the service that we provide. That is why our lasting promise has been to do business with the highest levels of professionalism, care and attention to customer needs.

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