Emphasizing Professional and Effective Maintenance

We are highly diligent and have a team of experts always in the field. Clients appreciate our dedication and prompt response.

We strive to offer clients the right printing solution for their office needs as we build a professional long-term relationship. Our committed team has an amazing reaction time and in case of any questions are more than willing to demonstrate and install our printing system. We provide you with the full service and spare you the additional costs of buying printers and consumables (ink, cartridges).

Don't Let Costs Limit Your Expression

Our innovative ink supply system brings colour back into the office space, effectively equalising the cost of colour and black and white prints. Clients pay a fixed monthly fee without added subscription plans and additional costs and are able to print over 20,000 colour pages, without having to replace a single cartridge.

The quality of prints more than fulfils all office needs and is combined with an extremely high speed of printing. All of that equates to a cost-effective solution that is easy to use and makes for a worry-free printing experience.

Optimized Lease of Multifunctional Printers

At Optiprint we provide the most effective solution for office printing in the form of optimized leases of multifunctional printers. Through our own European research and development, we have produced an innovative ink system that allows us and our partners to help their local clients reduce printing costs anywhere from 50 % -  80 %*. Low cost combined with our professional maintenance and the flexibility of printing allows our customer to gain competitive advantage by saving time, money and helping employees to work reliably at all times.

Be it small, medium or large-sized businesses, state institutions or other organizations we have always risen to the challenge of lowering internal printing costs, a feat to which more than 2,500 international businesses can attest! Allow us to meet your printing needs.

* Based on reports submitted to us by 1,000 clients. 

Help Us Reduce Global Waste

Our business model is sustainable and eco-friendly, as it lengthens the lifespan of multifunctional printers through regular servicing. It also successfully reduces the number of cartridges in landfills around the world since cartridge renewal is no longer necessary. Afterwards it is checked and reused.

This is important since a cartridge is mainly composed of plastics and metals which degrades extremely slowly and pollute the environment for a long time.

On the 27th of November 2014 the Association of Ecological Movements of Slovenia stated its Expert opinion on the ecological contribution of Optiprint d.o.o., clearly noting several key ecological factors, that the Optiprint Ink Supply System provides to printers.

Optimized Rent of
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